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+%# -*- mode: c; style: ruby; coding: utf-8; indent-tabs-mode: nil -*-
+%# Copyright (c) 2017 Urabe, Shyouhei. All rights reserved.
+%# This file is a part of the programming language Ruby. Permission is hereby
+%# granted, to either redistribute and/or modify this file, provided that the
+%# conditions mentioned in the file COPYING are met. Consult the file for
+%# details.
+%# Below is the licensing term for the generated output, not this erb file.
+/* This is an auto-generated file and is a part of the programming language
+ * Ruby. The person who created a program to generate this file (``I''
+ * hereafter) would like to refrain from defining licensing of this generated
+ * source code.
+ *
+ * This file consist of many small parts of codes copyrighted by each authors,
+ * not only the ``I'' person. Those original authors agree with some
+ * open-source license. I believe that the license we agree is the condition
+ * mentioned in the file COPYING. It states "4. You may modify and include
+ * the part of the software into any other software ...". But the problem is,
+ * the license never makes it clear if such modified parts still remain in the
+ * same license, or not. The fact that we agree with the source code's
+ * licensing terms do not automatically define that of generated ones. This is
+ * the reason why this file is under unclear situation. All that I know is
+ * that above provision guarantees this file to exist.
+ *
+ * Please let me hesitate to declare something about this nuanced contract. I
+ * am not in the position to take over other authors' license to merge into my
+ * one. Changing them to (say) GPLv3 is not doable by myself. Perhaps someday
+ * it might turn out to be okay to say this file is under a license. I wish the
+ * situation would become more clear in the future. */