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@@ -166,6 +166,11 @@ Options are:
[<tt>--main</tt> _name_]
set the class, module, or file to appear on the index page
+ when generating _ri_ output, if classes being processed already
+ exist in the destination directory, merge in the current details
+ rather than overwrite them.
place all the output into a single file
@@ -191,6 +196,13 @@ Options are:
do not display progress messages
+[<tt>--ri</tt> _and_ <tt>--ri-site</tt>]
+ generate output than can be read by the _ri_ command-line tool.
+ By default --ri places its output in ~/.rdoc, and --ri-site in
+ $datadir/ri/<ver>/site. Both can be overridden with a subsequent
+ --op option. Both default directories are in ri's default search
+ path.
A name of the form #name in a comment is a possible hyperlink to
an instance method name. When displayed, the '#' is removed unless