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-= RAKE -- Ruby Make
+= RAKE -- Ruby Make
-Supporting Rake version: 0.8.6
-This package contains Rake, a simple ruby build program with
-capabilities similar to make.
+This package contains Rake, a simple ruby build program with capabilities
+similar to make.
Rake has the following features:
@@ -19,31 +17,20 @@ Rake has the following features:
file names and paths.
* A library of prepackaged tasks to make building rakefiles easier. For example,
- tasks for building tarballs, gems and RDoc output are provided.
+ tasks for building tarballs and publishing to FTP or SSH sites. (Formerly
+ tasks for building RDoc and Gems were included in rake but they're now
+ available in RDoc and RubyGems respectively.)
* Supports parallel execution of tasks.
== Installation
=== Gem Installation
-Download and install rake with the following.
+Download and install rake with the following.
gem install rake
-=== Normal Installation
-You can download the source tarball of the latest version of Rake from
-Extract the tarball and run
- % ruby install.rb
-from its distribution directory.
== Usage
=== Simple Example
@@ -52,7 +39,7 @@ First, you must write a "Rakefile" file which contains the build rules. Here's
a simple example:
task :default => [:test]
task :test do
ruby "test/unittest.rb"
@@ -81,14 +68,13 @@ Type "rake --help" for all available options.
=== More Information
* For details on Rake's command-line invocation, read
- doc/command_line_usage.rdoc[]
+ doc/command_line_usage.rdoc[]
* For details on writing Rakefiles, see
- doc/rakefile.rdoc[].
+ doc/rakefile.rdoc[].
* For the original announcement of Rake, see
- doc/rational.rdoc[].
+ doc/rational.rdoc[].
* For a glossary of terms, see
- doc/glossary.rdoc[].
+ doc/glossary.rdoc[].
== Development
@@ -103,6 +89,7 @@ The public git clone URL is
If you wish to run the unit and functional tests that come with Rake:
+* Install the 'flexmock' gem
* Install the 'session' gem in order to run the functional tests.
* CD into the top project directory of rake.
* Type one of the following:
@@ -112,14 +99,13 @@ If you wish to run the unit and functional tests that come with Rake:
=== Issues and Bug Reports
-Bugs, features requests and other issues can be logged at
+Feature requests and bug reports can be made here
-You will need an account to before you can post issues. Register at
- Or you can send me
-an email (at jim dot weirich at gmail dot com)
+Issues and bug reports can also be tracked here:
== Online Resources
@@ -130,10 +116,13 @@ an email (at jim dot weirich at gmail dot com)
* Rake API Documents:
* Rake Source Code Repo:
* Rake Git Repo Clone URL: git://
+* Rake Bug Reports:
+* Rake Continuous Build Server:!/jimweirich/rake
=== Presentations and Articles about Rake
-* Jim Weirich's 2003 RubyConf presentation:
+* Jim Weirich's 2003 RubyConf presentation:
* Martin Fowler's article on Rake:
== Other Make Reinvisionings ...
@@ -159,6 +148,8 @@ other projects with similar (and not so similar) goals.
[<b>Tilman Sauerbeck <></b>] For the recursive rule patch.
+[<b>Eric Hodel</b>] For aid in maintaining rake.
== License
Rake is available under an MIT-style license.
@@ -171,7 +162,7 @@ The Rake homepage is You can find the Rake
RubyForge page at
Feel free to submit commits or feature requests. If you send a patch,
-remember to update the corresponding unit tests. If fact, I prefer
+remember to update the corresponding unit tests. In fact, I prefer
new feature to be submitted in the form of new unit tests.
For other information, feel free to ask on the ruby-talk mailing list
@@ -183,10 +174,10 @@ jim dot weirich at
= Other stuff
Author:: Jim Weirich <>
-Requires:: Ruby 1.8.0 or later
-License:: Copyright 2003-2008 by Jim Weirich.
- Released under an MIT-style license. See the LICENSE file
- included in the distribution.
+Requires:: Ruby 1.8.6 or later
+License:: Copyright 2003-2011 by Jim Weirich.
+ Released under an MIT-style license. See the MIT-LICENSE
+ file included in the distribution.
== Warranty
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@@ -23,13 +23,6 @@ Options are:
stardard output. If _output_ is <tt>stderr</tt>, or if it is
missing, then the backtrace output is sent to standard error.
-[<tt>--classic-namespace</tt> (-n)]
- Import the Task, FileTask, and FileCreateTask into the top-level
- scope to be compatible with older versions of Rake. Alternatively
- you can include the line <code>require
- 'rake/classic_namespace'</code> in your Rakefile to get the
- classic behavior.
Used in combination with the -W options to force the output to
contain commented options only. This is the reverse of
@@ -102,16 +95,6 @@ Options are:
[<tt>--rakelibdir</tt> _rakelibdir_ (-R)]
Auto-import any .rake files in RAKELIBDIR. (default is 'rakelib')
- Remove the DSL commands from the Object inheritance hierarchy and
- do not define top level constants. This reduces the backwards
- compatibility of Rake, but allows rake to be used with software
- that would otherwise have conflicting definitions.
- *NOTE:* The next major version of Rake will only be able to be run
- in "reduce-compat" mode.
[<tt>--require</tt> _name_ (-r)]
Require _name_ before executing the Rakefile.
diff --git a/lib/rake/doc/rakefile.rdoc b/lib/rake/doc/rakefile.rdoc
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@@ -193,7 +193,7 @@ example, if the "release" task expected a parameter named
- RELEASE_VERSION rake release
+ RELEASE_VERSION=0.8.2 rake release
will work. Environment variable names must either match the task
parameter exactly, or match an all-uppercase version of the task
@@ -291,7 +291,7 @@ Running this example:
The ability to programmatically manipulate tasks gives rake very
powerful meta-programming capabilities w.r.t. task execution, but
-should be used with cation.
+should be used with caution.
== Rules
@@ -337,7 +337,7 @@ required on *rule* when the first argument is a regular expression.
The following rule might be used for Java files ...
- rule '.java' => [
+ rule '.class' => [
proc { |tn| tn.sub(/\.class$/, '.java').sub(/^classes\//, 'src/') }
] do |t|