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+To compile 'tcltklib', you must have Tcl/Tk libraries on your environment.
+Although 'extconf.rb' script searches Tcl/Tk libraries and header files,
+sometimes fails to find them. And then, 'tcltklib' cannot be compiled. If
+Tcl/Tk libraries or header files are installed but are not found, you can
+give the information by arguments of the 'configure' script. Please give
+some or all of the following options.
+ --with-tcllib=<libname> (e.g. ==> --with-tcllib=tcl8.3)
+ --with-tklib=<libname> (e.g. ==> --with-tklib=tk8.3)
+ --enable_tcltk_stubs (if you force to enable stubs)
+ --with-tcl-dir=<path>
+ equal to "--with-tcl-include=<path>/include --with-tcl-lib=<path>/lib"
+ --with-tk-dir=<path>
+ equal to "--with-tk-include=<path>/include --with-tk-lib=<path>/lib"
+ --with-tcl-include=<dir> the directry containts 'tcl.h'
+ --with-tk-include=<dir> the directry containts 'tk.h'
+ --with-tcl-lib=<dir> the directry containts 'libtcl<version>.so'
+ --with-tk-lib=<dir> the directry containts 'libtk<version>.so'
+If you forgot to give the options when do 'configure' on toplevel
+directry of Ruby sources, please try something like as the followings.
+ $ cd ext/tcltklib
+ $ rm Makefile
+ $ CONFIGURE_ARGS='--with-tcl-include=/usr/local/include/tcl8.3/ --with-tcllib=tcl8.3 --with-tklib=tk8.3 --enable-tcltk_stubs' ruby extconf.rb
+ Hidetoshi NAGAI (