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@@ -91,12 +91,17 @@ In 32 bits integer system,every 4 digits(in decimal) are computed simultaneously
This means the number of significant digits in BigDecimal is always a multiple of 4.
Some more methods are available in Ruby code (not C code).
-To use them,just require util.rb as:
+Functions such as sin,cos ...,are in math.rb in bigdecimal directory.
+To use them,require math.rb as:
+require "bigdecimal/math.rb"
+For details,see the math.rb code and comments.
+Other utility methods are in util.rb.
+To use util.rb, require it as:
require "bigdecimal/util.rb"
-String to BigDecimal conversion, BigDecimal to String conversion
-(in "nnnnnn.mmmm" form not in "0.xxxxxEn" form) etc are defined.
For details,see the util.rb code.
<H4><U>Class methods</U></H4>