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=== <tt>=~</tt> operator
<tt>=~</tt> is Ruby's basic pattern-matching operator. When one operand is a
-regular expression and is a string (this operator is equivalently defined by
-Regexp and String). If a match is found, the operator returns index of first
-match in string, otherwise it returns +nil+.
+regular expression and the other is a string then the regular expression is
+used as a pattern to match against the string. (This operator is equivalently
+defined by Regexp and String so the order of String and Regexp do not matter.
+Other classes may have different implementations of <tt>=~</tt>.) If a match
+is found, the operator returns index of first match in string, otherwise it
+returns +nil+.
/hay/ =~ 'haystack' #=> 0
+ 'haystack' =~ /hay/ #=> 0
/a/ =~ 'haystack' #=> 1
/u/ =~ 'haystack' #=> nil