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@@ -13,7 +13,6 @@ Base64:: Support for encoding and decoding binary data using a Base64 representa
DEBUGGER__:: Debugging functionality for Ruby
DRb:: Distributed object system for Ruby
ERB:: An easy to use but powerful templating system for Ruby
-Find:: This module supports top-down traversal of a set of file paths
MakeMakefile:: Module used to generate a Makefile for C extensions
OpenURI:: An easy-to-use wrapper for Net::HTTP, Net::HTTPS and Net::FTP
PP:: Provides a PrettyPrinter for Ruby objects
@@ -55,6 +54,7 @@ Delegator:: Provides three abilities to delegate method calls to an object
DidYouMean:: "Did you mean?" experience in Ruby
English.rb:: Require 'English.rb' to reference global variables with less cryptic names
FileUtils:: Several file utility methods for copying, moving, removing, etc
+Find:: This module supports top-down traversal of a set of file paths
Forwardable:: Provides delegation of specified methods to a designated object
GetoptLong:: Parse command line options similar to the GNU C getopt_long()
IPAddr:: Provides methods to manipulate IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses