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@@ -76,10 +76,20 @@ class Scheduler
# Sleep the current task for the specified duration, or forever if not
# specified.
- # @param duration [Numeric] The amount of time to sleep in seconds.
+ # @parameter duration [Numeric] The amount of time to sleep in seconds.
def kernel_sleep(duration = nil)
+ # Execute the given block. If the block execution exceeds the given timeout,
+ # the specified exception `klass` will be raised. Typically, only non-blocking
+ # methods which enter the scheduler will raise such exceptions.
+ # @parameter duration [Integer] The amount of time to wait, after which an exception will be raised.
+ # @parameter klass [Class] The exception class to raise.
+ # @parameter *arguments [Array] The arguments to send to the constructor of the exception.
+ # @yields {...} The user code to execute.
+ def timeout_after(duration, klass, *arguments, &block)
+ end
# Block the calling fiber.
# @parameter blocker [Object] What we are waiting on, informational only.
# @parameter timeout [Numeric | Nil] The amount of time to wait for in seconds.