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at the top of the file. You can use the functions below to check
various conditions.
+ append_cppflags(array-of-flags[, opt]): append each flag to $CPPFLAGS if usable
+ append_cflags(array-of-flags[, opt]): append each flag to $CFLAGS if usable
+ append_ldflags(array-of-flags[, opt]): append each flag to $LDFLAGS if usable
have_macro(macro[, headers[, opt]]): check whether macro is defined
have_library(lib[, func[, headers[, opt]]]): check whether library containing function exists
find_library(lib[, func, *paths]): find library from paths
@@ -984,6 +987,10 @@ The value of the variables below will affect the Makefile.
$LDFLAGS: included in LDFLAGS make variable (such as -L)
$objs: list of object file names
+Compiler/linker flags are not portable usually, you should use
++append_cppflags+, +append_cpflags+ and +append_ldflags+ respectively
+instead of appending the above variables directly.
Normally, the object files list is automatically generated by searching
source files, but you must define them explicitly if any sources will
be generated while building.