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@@ -18,6 +18,23 @@ benchmark-driver benchmark/*.yml -e /path/to/ruby -e '/path/to/ruby --jit'
benchmark-driver benchmark/*.yml --rbenv '2.5.1;2.6.0-preview2 --jit'
+See also:
+$ benchmark-driver --help
+Usage: benchmark-driver [options] [YAML|RUBY]
+ -r, --runner [TYPE] Specify runner type: ips, time, memory, once (default: ips)
+ -o, --output [TYPE] Specify output type: compare, simple, markdown, record (default: compare)
+ -e, --executables [EXECS] Ruby executables (e1::path1,arg1,...; e2::path2,arg2;...)
+ --rbenv [VERSIONS] Ruby executables in rbenv (x.x.x,arg1,...;y.y.y,arg2,...;...)
+ --repeat-count [NUM] Try benchmark NUM times and use the fastest result or the worst memory usage
+ --repeat-result [TYPE] Yield "best", "average" or "worst" result with --repeat-count (default: best)
+ --bundler Install and use gems specified in Gemfile
+ --filter [REGEXP] Filter out benchmarks with given regexp
+ --run-duration [SECONDS] Warmup estimates loop_count to run for this duration (default: 3)
+ -v, --verbose Verbose mode. Multiple -v options increase visilibity (max: 2)
## make benchmark
Using `make benchmark`, `make update-benchmark-driver` automatically downloads