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@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@ To convert C data to the values of Ruby:
- right shift 1 bit, and turn on LSB.
+ left shift 1 bit, and turn on LSB.
* Other pointer values
@@ -726,11 +726,11 @@ const: nil object
-const: Qtrue object(default true value)
+const: true object(default true value)
-const: Qfalse object
+const: false object
** C pointer wrapping
@@ -744,12 +744,13 @@ Cの任意のポインタをカプセル化したRubyオブジェクトを返す.こ
Data_Make_Struct(class, type, mark, free, sval)
+This macro allocates memory using malloc(), assigns it to the variable
+sval, and returns the DATA encapsulating the pointer to memory region.
Data_Get_Struct(data, type, sval)
+This macro retrieves the pointer value from DATA, and assigns it to
+the variable sval.
** defining class/module
@@ -905,48 +906,54 @@ Sets the value of the instance variable.
VALUE rb_iterate(VALUE (*func1)(), void *arg1, VALUE (*func2)(), void *arg2)
-func2をブロックとして設定し, func1をイテレータとして呼ぶ.
-func1には arg1が引数として渡され, func2には第1引数にイテレー
-タから与えられた値, 第2引数にarg2が渡される.
+Calls the function func1, supplying func2 as the block. func1 will be
+called with the argument arg1. func2 receives the value from yield as
+the first argument, arg2 as the second argument.
VALUE rb_yield(VALUE val)
+Evaluates the block with value val.
VALUE rb_rescue(VALUE (*func1)(), void *arg1, VALUE (*func2)(), void *arg2)
-た時には func2をarg2を引数として呼ぶ.戻り値は例外が発生しな
-かった時はfunc1の戻り値, 例外が発生した時にはfunc2の戻り値で
+Calls the function func1, with arg1 as the argument. If exception
+occurs during func1, it calls func2 with arg2 as the argument. The
+return value of rb_rescue() is the return value from func1 if no
+exception occurs, from func2 otherwise.
VALUE rb_ensure(VALUE (*func1)(), void *arg1, void (*func2)(), void *arg2)
-関数func1をarg1を引数として実行し, 実行終了後(たとえ例外が発
-生しても) func2をarg2を引数として実行する.戻り値はfunc1の戻
+Calls the function func1 with arg1 as the argument, then calls func2
+with arg2, whenever execution terminated. The return value from
+rb_ensure() is that of func1.
+** Exceptions and Errors
+ void rb_warn(char *fmt, ...)
-** 例外・エラー
+Prints warning message according to the printf-like format.
void rb_warning(char *fmt, ...)
+Prints warning message according to the printf-like format, if
+$VERBOSE is true.
- void rb_raise(rb_eRuntimeError, char *fmt, ...)
+ void rb_raise(VALUE exception, char *fmt, ...)
+Raises an exception of class exception. The fmt is the format string
+just like printf().
void rb_fatal(char *fmt, ...)
-致命的例外を発生させる.通常の例外処理は行なわれず, インター
+Raises fatal error, terminates the interpreter. No exception handling
+will be done for fatal error, but ensure blocks will be executed.
void rb_bug(char *fmt, ...)
+Termintates the interpreter immediately. This function should be
+called under the situation caused by the bug in the interpreter. No
+exception handling nor ensure execution will be done.
** Initialize and Starts the Interpreter
@@ -966,8 +973,7 @@ Specifies the name of the script ($0).
Appendix B. Functions Available in extconf.rb
+These functions are available in extconf.rb:
have_library(lib, func)