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+Fri Aug 15 05:53:59 2014 Eric Wong <>
+ * README.EXT: preliminary documentation for RB_GC_GUARD
+ [Bug #10100] [ruby-core:60741]
Thu Aug 14 00:26:19 2014 Masaki Suketa <>
* ext/win32ole/win32ole.c: separate WIN32OLE_RECORD src from
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@@ -1622,6 +1622,56 @@ available in in include/ruby/ruby.h. An example is available in iseq.c.
For a complete guide for RGenGC and write barriers, please refer to
+= Appendix E. RB_GC_GUARD to protect from premature GC
+C Ruby currently uses conservative garbage collection, thus VALUE
+variables must remain visible on the stack or registers to ensure any
+associated data remains usable. Optimizing C compilers are not designed
+with conservative garbage collection in mind, so they may optimize away
+the original VALUE even if the code depends on data associated with that
+The following example illustrates the use of RB_GC_GUARD to ensure
+the contents of sptr remain valid while the second invocation of
+rb_str_new_cstr is running.
+ VALUE s, w;
+ const char *sptr;
+ s = rb_str_new_cstr("hello world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!");
+ sptr = RSTRING_PTR(s);
+ w = rb_str_new_cstr(sptr + 6); /* Possible GC invocation */
+ RB_GC_GUARD(s); /* ensure s (and thus sptr) do not get GC-ed */
+In the above example, RB_GC_GUARD must be placed _after_ the last use of
+sptr. Placing RB_GC_GUARD before dereferencing sptr would be of no use.
+RB_GC_GUARD is only effective on the VALUE data type, not converted C
+data types.
+RB_GC_GUARD would not be necessary at all in the above example if
+non-inlined function calls are made on the `s' VALUE after sptr is
+dereferenced. Thus, in the above example, calling any un-inlined
+function on `s' such as:
+ rb_str_modify(s);
+Will ensure `s' stays on the stack or register to prevent a
+GC invocation from prematurely freeing it.
+Using the RB_GC_GUARD macro is preferable to using the "volatile"
+keyword in C. RB_GC_GUARD has the following advantages:
+1) the intent of the macro use is clear
+2) RB_GC_GUARD only affects its call site, "volatile" generates some
+ extra code every time the variable is used, hurting optimization.
+3) "volatile" implementations may be buggy/inconsistent in some
+ compilers and architectures. RB_GC_GUARD is customizable for broken
+ systems/compilers without those without negatively affecting other
+ systems.
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