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@@ -1920,6 +1920,48 @@ RB_EVENT_HOOKS_HAVE_CALLBACK_DATA ::
Means that rb_add_event_hook() takes the third argument `data', to be
passed to the given event hook function.
+=== Defining backward compatible macros for keyword argument functions
+Most ruby C extensions are designed to support multiple Ruby versions.
+In order to correctly support Ruby 2.7+ in regards to keyword
+argument separation, C extensions need to use <code>*_kw</code>
+functions. However, these functions do not exist in Ruby 2.6 and
+below, so in those cases macros should be defined to allow you to use
+the same code on multiple Ruby versions. Here are example macros
+you can use in extensions that support Ruby 2.6 (or below) when using
+the <code>*_kw</code> functions introduced in Ruby 2.7.
+ /* Only define macros on Ruby <2.7 */
+ #define rb_funcallv_kw(o, m, c, v, kw) rb_funcallv(o, m, c, v)
+ #define rb_funcallv_public_kw(o, m, c, v, kw) rb_funcallv_public(o, m, c, v)
+ #define rb_funcall_passing_block_kw(o, m, c, v, kw) rb_funcall_passing_block(o, m, c, v)
+ #define rb_funcall_with_block_kw(o, m, c, v, b, kw) rb_funcall_with_block(o, m, c, v, b)
+ #define rb_scan_args_kw(kw, c, v, s, ...) rb_scan_args(c, v, s, __VA_ARGS__)
+ #define rb_call_super_kw(c, v, kw) rb_call_super(c, v)
+ #define rb_yield_values_kw(c, v, kw) rb_yield_values2(c, v)
+ #define rb_yield_splat_kw(a, kw) rb_yield_splat(a)
+ #define rb_block_call_kw(o, m, c, v, f, p, kw) rb_block_call(o, m, c, v, f, p)
+ #define rb_fiber_resume_kw(o, c, v, kw) rb_fiber_resume(o, c, v)
+ #define rb_fiber_yield_kw(c, v, kw) rb_fiber_yield(c, v)
+ #define rb_enumeratorize_with_size_kw(o, m, c, v, f, kw) rb_enumeratorize_with_size(o, m, c, v, f)
+ #define SIZED_ENUMERATOR_KW(obj, argc, argv, size_fn, kw_splat) \
+ rb_enumeratorize_with_size((obj), ID2SYM(rb_frame_this_func()), \
+ (argc), (argv), (size_fn))
+ #define RETURN_SIZED_ENUMERATOR_KW(obj, argc, argv, size_fn, kw_splat) do { \
+ if (!rb_block_given_p()) \
+ return SIZED_ENUMERATOR(obj, argc, argv, size_fn); \
+ } while (0)
+ #define RETURN_ENUMERATOR_KW(obj, argc, argv, kw_splat) RETURN_SIZED_ENUMERATOR(obj, argc, argv, 0)
+ #define rb_check_funcall_kw(o, m, c, v, kw) rb_check_funcall(o, m, c, v)
+ #define rb_obj_call_init_kw(o, c, v, kw) rb_obj_call_init(o, c, v)
+ #define rb_class_new_instance_kw(c, v, k, kw) rb_class_new_instance(c, v, k)
+ #define rb_proc_call_kw(p, a, kw) rb_proc_call(p, a)
+ #define rb_proc_call_with_block_kw(p, c, v, b, kw) rb_proc_call_with_block(p, c, v, b)
+ #define rb_method_call_kw(c, v, m, kw) rb_method_call(c, v, m)
+ #define rb_method_call_with_block_kw(c, v, m, b, kw) rb_method_call_with_block(c, v, m, b)
+ #endif
== Appendix C. Functions available for use in extconf.rb
See documentation for {mkmf}[rdoc-ref:MakeMakefile].