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drop-in type check for rb_define_method
The rb_define_method function takes a pointer to ANYARGS-ed functions, which in fact varies 18 different prototypes. We still need to preserve ANYARGS for storages but why not check the consistencies if possible. Q&As: Q: Where did the magic number "18" came from in the description above? A: Count the case branch of vm_method.c:call_cfunc_invoker_func(). Note also that the 18 branches has lasted for at least 25 years. See also 200e0ee2fd3c1c006c528874a88f684447215524. Q: What is this __weakref__ thing? A: That is a kind of function overloading mechanism that GCC provides. In this case for instance rb_define_method0 is an alias of rb_define_method, with a strong type. Q: What is this __transparent_union__ thing? A: That is another kind of function overloading mechanism that GCC provides. In this case the attributed function pointer is either VALUE(*)(int,VALUE*,VALUE) or VALUE(*)(int,const VALUE*,VALUE). This is better than void* or ANYARGS because we can reject all other possibilities than the two. Q: What does this rb_define_method macro mean? A: It selects appropriate alias of the rb_define_method function, depending on the arity. Q: Why the prototype change of rb_f_notimplement? A: Function pointer to rb_f_notimplement is special cased in vm_method.c:rb_add_method_cfunc(). That should be handled by the __builtin_choose_expr chain inside of rb_define_method macro expansion. In order to do so, comparison like (func == rb_f_notimplement) is inappropriate for __builtin_choose_expr's expression (which must be a compile-time integer constant but the address of rb_f_notimplement is not fixed until the linker). So instead we are using __builtin_types_compatible_p, and in doing so we need to distinguish rb_f_notimplement from others, by type.
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diff --git a/win32/win32.c b/win32/win32.c
index 9301c0f..af3c45a 100644
--- a/win32/win32.c
+++ b/win32/win32.c
@@ -8169,7 +8169,7 @@ rb_w32_set_thread_description_str(HANDLE th, VALUE name)
return result;
-VALUE (*const rb_f_notimplement_)(int, const VALUE *, VALUE) = rb_f_notimplement;
+VALUE (*const rb_f_notimplement_)(int, const VALUE *, VALUE, VALUE) = rb_f_notimplement;
#include "missing/nextafter.c"