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win32/win32.c: fix typo in comment [ci skip]
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diff --git a/win32/win32.c b/win32/win32.c
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--- a/win32/win32.c
+++ b/win32/win32.c
@@ -1297,7 +1297,7 @@ rb_w32_start_process(const char *abspath, char *const *argv, int out_fd)
/* NOTE: This function is used by MJIT worker, so it can be used parallelly with
Ruby's main thread. So functions touching things shared with main thread can't
- be sued, like `ALLOCV` that may trigger GC or `FindFreeChildSlot` that finds
+ be used, like `ALLOCV` that may trigger GC or `FindFreeChildSlot` that finds
a slot from shared memory without atomic locks. */
struct ChildRecord child;
char *cmd;