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parent0718f53bca25499fdce5af023c9177664a68be7a (diff) install a single header file for JIT
compilation which is created by transforming a preprocessed vm.c. This file will be used by JIT compiler's generated code which we are going to have from succeeding commits. generate MJIT header for UNIX environments. win32/Makefile.sub: generate MJIT header for mswin environments. At initial merge, we're going to support only MinGW for Windows. So the header installed by this file won't be used for short term, but we'll add mswin support in a half year or so, for sure. tool/transform_mjit_header.rb: New. This script was originally written as minimize_mjit_header.rb by Vladimir N. Makarov <> for Feature 12589. Then I refactored a little so that it can conform CodeClimate CI which is currently set for Ruby's GitHub repository, and fixed some bugs and ported it to work on Windows. Also, as original minimize_mjit_header.rb takes too long time to run, this is modified to skip minimization step because having *static* unused definitions does not waste compilation time on -O2 since compiler can skip to compile unused static functions. So this does no longer "minimize" the header and is renamed. This header installation does NOT include a header to automatically export symbols used by MJIT. That's because original MJIT code was failing to export symbols in the import header in macOS environment. But I would like to have the functionality for maintainability in the future. I'll manually export things but it would be just an intemediate solution. Patch by: Vladimir N. Makarov <> Part of: Feature 12589 and 14235. git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// b2dd03c8-39d4-4d8f-98ff-823fe69b080e
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