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move RB_GC_GUARD responsibility to rb_add_method_iseq
This simplifies all the callers and makes code easier to use and review. I was confused about the need for RB_GC_GUARD in define_{aset,aref}_method of struct.c without reading rb_add_method_iseq. Likewise, do the same for rb_iseq_clone, where the GC guard only seems neccesary iff RGenGC is disabled. * vm_method.c (rb_add_method_iseq): add RB_GC_GUARD * class.c (clone_method): remove RB_GC_GUARD * struct.c (define_aref_method): ditto (define_aset_method): ditto * vm.c (vm_define_method): * iseq.c (rb_iseq_clone): add RB_GC_GUARD git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// b2dd03c8-39d4-4d8f-98ff-823fe69b080e
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diff --git a/vm_method.c b/vm_method.c
index 43b5d2a..5a84396 100644
--- a/vm_method.c
+++ b/vm_method.c
@@ -562,6 +562,7 @@ rb_add_method_iseq(VALUE klass, ID mid, VALUE iseqval, rb_cref_t *cref, rb_metho
iseq_body.iseqptr = iseq;
iseq_body.cref = cref;
rb_add_method(klass, mid, VM_METHOD_TYPE_ISEQ, &iseq_body, visi);
+ RB_GC_GUARD(iseqval);
static rb_method_entry_t *