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authorTakashi Kokubun <>2020-12-20 22:41:52 -0800
committerTakashi Kokubun <>2020-12-20 22:58:45 -0800
commit1fdc97f1b76b7532d011b20d52f843a2bb0d1a2f (patch)
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Mark active_units
to avoid SEGV on mjit_recompile and compact_all_jit_code. For some reason, ISeqs on stack are sometimes GC-ed (why?) and therefore it may run mjit_recompile on a GC-ed ISeq, which I expected d07183ec85d to fix but apparently it may refer to random things if already GC-ed. Marking active_units would workaround the situation. Also, while compact_all_jit_code was executed, we saw some SEGVs where CCs seemed to be already GC-ed, meaning their owner ISeq was not marked properly. Even if units are still in active_units, it's not guaranteed that their ISeqs are in use. So in this case we need to mark active_units for a legitimate reason.
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diff --git a/vm.c b/vm.c
index 0c2ffd9..ee28a2d 100644
--- a/vm.c
+++ b/vm.c
@@ -2594,6 +2594,8 @@ rb_vm_mark(void *ptr)
rb_gc_mark_values(RUBY_NSIG, vm->trap_list.cmd);
rb_id_table_foreach_values(vm->negative_cme_table, vm_mark_negative_cme, NULL);
+ mjit_mark();