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Mostly recover a Ruby stack trace from a core file
Update the lldb script so it can mostly recover a Ruby stack trace from a core file. It's still missing line numbers and dealing with CFUNCs, but you use it like this: ``` (lldb) rbbt ec rb_control_frame_t TYPE 0x7f6fd6555fa0 EVAL ./bootstraptest/runner.rb error!! 0x7f6fd6555f68 METHOD ./bootstraptest/runner.rb main 0x7f6fd6555f30 METHOD ./bootstraptest/runner.rb in_temporary_working_directory 0x7f6fd6555ef8 METHOD /home/aaron/git/ruby/lib/tmpdir.rb mktmpdir 0x7f6fd6555ec0 BLOCK ./bootstraptest/runner.rb block in in_temporary_working_directory 0x7f6fd6555e88 CFUNC 0x7f6fd6555e50 BLOCK ./bootstraptest/runner.rb block (2 levels) in in_temporary_working_directory 0x7f6fd6555e18 BLOCK ./bootstraptest/runner.rb block in main 0x7f6fd6555de0 METHOD ./bootstraptest/runner.rb exec_test 0x7f6fd6555da8 CFUNC 0x7f6fd6555d70 BLOCK ./bootstraptest/runner.rb block in exec_test 0x7f6fd6555d38 CFUNC 0x7f6fd6555d00 TOP /home/aaron/git/ruby/bootstraptest/test_insns.rb error!! 0x7f6fd6555cc8 CFUNC 0x7f6fd6555c90 BLOCK /home/aaron/git/ruby/bootstraptest/test_insns.rb block in <top (required)> 0x7f6fd6555c58 METHOD ./bootstraptest/runner.rb assert_equal 0x7f6fd6555c20 METHOD ./bootstraptest/runner.rb assert_check 0x7f6fd6555be8 METHOD ./bootstraptest/runner.rb show_progress 0x7f6fd6555bb0 METHOD ./bootstraptest/runner.rb with_stderr 0x7f6fd6555b78 BLOCK ./bootstraptest/runner.rb block in show_progress 0x7f6fd6555b40 BLOCK ./bootstraptest/runner.rb block in assert_check 0x7f6fd6555b08 METHOD ./bootstraptest/runner.rb get_result_string 0x7f6fd6555ad0 METHOD ./bootstraptest/runner.rb make_srcfile 0x7f6fd6555a98 CFUNC 0x7f6fd6555a60 BLOCK ./bootstraptest/runner.rb block in make_srcfile ``` Getting the main execution context is difficult (it is stored in a thread local) so for now you must supply an ec and this will make a backtrace
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