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* tool/redmine-backporter.rb: update usage.
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diff --git a/tool/redmine-backporter.rb b/tool/redmine-backporter.rb
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--- a/tool/redmine-backporter.rb
+++ b/tool/redmine-backporter.rb
@@ -444,7 +444,8 @@ eom
when 'help'
puts 'ls '.color(bold: true) + ' show all required tickets'
puts 'show TICKET '.color(bold: true) + ' show the detail of the TICKET, and select it'
- puts 'TICKET '.color(bold: true) + ' show the backport option of the selected ticket for merger.rb'
+ puts 'TICKET '.color(bold: true) + ' show the backport option of the TICKET for merger.rb'
+ puts 'rel REVISION '.color(bold: true) + ' add the selected ticket as related to the REVISION'
puts 'done [TICKET] [-- NOTE]'.color(bold: true) + ' set Backport field of the TICKET to DONE'
puts 'close [TICKET] '.color(bold: true) + ' close the TICKET'
puts 'last [TICKET] '.color(bold: true) + ' show the last journal of the TICKET'