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rexml: Fix XPath bug of //#{ELEMENT_NAME}[#{POSITION}]
The position should be counted for each nodeset but the previous implementation counts position for union-ed nodeset. For example, "/a/*/*[1]" should be matched to "<c1/>" and "<c2/>" with the following XML. <a> <b> <c1/> </b> <b> <c2/> </b> </a> But the previous implementation just returns only "<c1/>". * lib/rexml/element.rb (REXML::Attributes#each_attribute): Support Enumerator for no block use. * lib/rexml/element.rb (REXML::Attributes#each): Support Enumerator for no block use. * lib/rexml/functions.rb (REXML::Functions.string): Support NaN again. * lib/rexml/xpath_parser.rb: Re-implement "Step" evaluator. It should evaluate "AxisSpecifier", "NodeTest" and "Predicate" in one step to respect position for each nodeset. * test/rexml/test_jaxen.rb: Enable more tests. Remained tests should be also enabled but it'll not be near future. * test/rexml/xpath/test_base.rb: Fix expected value. git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// b2dd03c8-39d4-4d8f-98ff-823fe69b080e
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