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Make rexml library to the bundle gems
[Feature #16485][ruby-core:96683]
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-<!DOCTYPE internationalization SYSTEM "l10n.dtd" [
-<!ENTITY af SYSTEM "af.xml">
-<!ENTITY ca SYSTEM "ca.xml">
-<!ENTITY cs SYSTEM "cs.xml">
-<!ENTITY da SYSTEM "da.xml">
-<!ENTITY de SYSTEM "de.xml">
-<!ENTITY el SYSTEM "el.xml">
-<!ENTITY en SYSTEM "en.xml">
-<!ENTITY es SYSTEM "es.xml">
-<!ENTITY et SYSTEM "et.xml">
-<!ENTITY fi SYSTEM "fi.xml">
-<!ENTITY fr SYSTEM "fr.xml">
-<!ENTITY hu SYSTEM "hu.xml">
-<!ENTITY id SYSTEM "id.xml">
-<!ENTITY it SYSTEM "it.xml">
-<!ENTITY ja SYSTEM "ja.xml">
-<!ENTITY ko SYSTEM "ko.xml">
-<!ENTITY nl SYSTEM "nl.xml">
-<!ENTITY no SYSTEM "no.xml">
-<!ENTITY no_ny SYSTEM "no_ny.xml">
-<!ENTITY pl SYSTEM "pl.xml">
-<!ENTITY pt SYSTEM "pt.xml">
-<!ENTITY pt_br SYSTEM "pt_br.xml">
-<!ENTITY ro SYSTEM "ro.xml">
-<!ENTITY ru SYSTEM "ru.xml">
-<!ENTITY sk SYSTEM "sk.xml">
-<!ENTITY sl SYSTEM "sl.xml">
-<!ENTITY sr SYSTEM "sr.xml">
-<!ENTITY sv SYSTEM "sv.xml">
-<!ENTITY tr SYSTEM "tr.xml">
-<!ENTITY zh_cn SYSTEM "zh_cn.xml">
-<!ENTITY zh_tw SYSTEM "zh_tw.xml">