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authorAaron Patterson <>2021-05-10 09:50:06 -0700
committerHiroshi SHIBATA <>2021-05-17 11:20:45 +0900
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[ruby/psych] Introduce `Psych.unsafe_load`
In future versions of Psych, the `load` method will be mostly the same as the `safe_load` method. In other words, the `load` method won't allow arbitrary object deserialization (which can be used to escalate to an RCE). People that need to load *trusted* documents can use the `unsafe_load` method. This commit introduces the `unsafe_load` method so that people can incrementally upgrade. For example, if they try to upgrade to 4.0.0 and something breaks, they can downgrade, audit callsites, change to `safe_load` or `unsafe_load` as required, and then upgrade to 4.0.0 smoothly.
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diff --git a/test/psych/test_yaml_special_cases.rb b/test/psych/test_yaml_special_cases.rb
index eccbac4c7f..205457bcae 100644
--- a/test/psych/test_yaml_special_cases.rb
+++ b/test/psych/test_yaml_special_cases.rb
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ module Psych
def test_empty_string
s = ""
- assert_equal false, Psych.load(s)
+ assert_equal false, Psych.unsafe_load(s)
assert_equal [], Psych.load_stream(s)
assert_equal false, Psych.parse(s)
assert_equal [], Psych.parse_stream(s).transform