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Fix rb_fix_mul_fix on OpenBSD/mips64
This fixes invalid and inconsistent results for the Fixnum*Fixnum case where the result of the multiplication does not fit in 64-bit on OpenBSD/mips64. For example: $ for x in 1 23; do ruby31 -e 'p(54306000000000*86400)'; done 14409380628474329524 11410664325873689790 Cases where an argument was Bignum, as well as cases where the result of the multiplication fits in 64-bit are fine: $ for x in 1 23; do ruby31 -e 'p(54306000*86400)'; done 4692038400000 4692038400000 $ for x in 1 23; do ruby31 -e 'p(5430600000000000000000*86400)'; done 469203840000000000000000000 469203840000000000000000000 This was originally discovered by running the tests for the openssl gem on OpenBSD/mips64 and having one test fail for a date far in the future. I eventually traced this to the generic multiplication issue. The underlying cause is using the int128_t type. This avoids use of the int128_t type in this case, falling back to the slower conversion code, which in the overflow case, turns the Fixnums into Bignums, then performs the multiplication.
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