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openssl: import v2.1.0.beta1
Import Ruby/OpenSSL 2.1.0.beta1. The full commit log since v2.0.5 (imported by r59567) can be found at: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Antonio Terceiro (1): test/test_ssl: explicitly accept TLS 1.1 in corresponding test Colby Swandale (1): document using secure protocol to fetch git master in Bundler Colton Jenkins (1): Add fips_mode_get to return fips_mode Kazuki Yamaguchi (85): Start preparing for 2.1.0 Remove support for OpenSSL 0.9.8 and 1.0.0 bn: refine tests bn: implement unary {plus,minus} operators for OpenSSL::BN bn: implement OpenSSL::BN#negative? Don't define main() when built with --enable-debug test: let OpenSSL::TestCase include OpenSSL::TestUtils test: prepare test PKey instances on demand Add OpenSSL.print_mem_leaks Enable OSSL_MDEBUG on CI builds ssl: move default DH parameters from OpenSSL::PKey::DH Make exceptions with the same format regardless of OpenSSL.debug ssl: show reason of 'certificate verify error' in exception message ssl: remove OpenSSL::ExtConfig::TLS_DH_anon_WITH_AES_256_GCM_SHA384 ssl: do not confuse different ex_data index registries ssl: assume SSL/SSL_CTX always have a valid reference to the Ruby object Fix RDoc markup ssl: suppress compiler warning ext/openssl/deprecation.rb: remove broken-apple-openssl extconf.rb: print informative message if OpenSSL can't be found Rakefile: compile the extension before test kdf: introduce OpenSSL::KDF module ossl.h: add NUM2UINT64T() macro kdf: add scrypt Expand rb_define_copy_func() macro Expand FPTR_TO_FD() macro Remove SafeGet*() macros cipher: rename GetCipherPtr() to ossl_evp_get_cipherbyname() digest: rename GetDigestPtr() to ossl_evp_get_digestbyname() Add ossl_str_new(), an exception-safe rb_str_new() bio: simplify ossl_membio2str() using ossl_str_new() Remove unused functions and macros Drop support for LibreSSL 2.3 ocsp: add OpenSSL::OCSP::Request#signed? asn1: infinite length -> indefinite length asn1: rearrange tests ssl: remove a needless NULL check in SSL::SSLContext#ciphers ssl: return nil in SSL::SSLSocket#cipher if session is not started asn1: remove an unnecessary function prototype asn1: require tag information when instantiating generic type asn1: initialize 'unused_bits' attribute of BitString with 0 asn1: check for illegal 'unused_bits' value of BitString asn1: disallow NULL to be passed to asn1time_to_time() asn1: avoid truncating OID in OpenSSL::ASN1::ObjectId#oid asn1: allow constructed encoding with definite length form asn1: prohibit indefinite length form for primitive encoding asn1: allow tag number to be >= 32 for universal tag class asn1: use ossl_asn1_tag() asn1: clean up OpenSSL::ASN1::Constructive#to_der asn1: harmonize OpenSSL::ASN1::*#to_der asn1: prevent EOC octets from being in the middle of the content asn1: do not treat EOC octets as part of content octets x509name: add 'loc' and 'set' kwargs to OpenSSL::X509::Name#add_entry ssl: do not call session_remove_cb during GC Backport "Merge branch 'topic/test-memory-leak'" to maint cipher: update the documentation for Cipher#auth_tag= Rakefile: let sync:to_ruby know about test/openssl/fixtures test: fix formatting test/utils: remove OpenSSL::TestUtils.silent test/utils: add SSLTestCase#tls12_supported? test/utils: have start_server yield only the port number test/utils: do not set ecdh_curves in start_server test/utils: let server_loop close socket test/utils: improve error handling in start_server test/utils: add OpenSSL::TestUtils.openssl? and .libressl? test/utils: do not use DSA certificates in SSL tests test/test_ssl: remove test_invalid_shutdown_by_gc test/test_ssl: move test_multibyte_read_write to test_pair test/test_ssl_session: rearrange tests test/test_pair, test/test_ssl: fix for TLS 1.3 ssl: remove useless call to rb_thread_wait_fd() ssl: fix NPN support ssl: mark OpenSSL::SSL::SSLContext::DEFAULT_{1024,2048} as private ssl: use 2048-bit group in the default tmp_dh_cb ssl: ensure that SSL option flags are non-negative ssl: update OpenSSL::SSL::OP_* flags ssl: prefer TLS_method() over SSLv23_method() ssl: add SSLContext#min_version= and #max_version= ssl: rework SSLContext#ssl_version= test/test_x509name: change script encoding to ASCII-8BIT x509name: refactor OpenSSL::X509::Name#to_s x509name: add OpenSSL::X509::Name#to_utf8 x509name: add OpenSSL::X509::Name#inspect x509name: update regexp in OpenSSL::X509::Name.parse Ruby/OpenSSL 2.1.0.beta1 Marcus Stollsteimer (1): Fix rdoc for core Integer class nobu (4): [DOC] {read,write}_nonblock with exception: false [DOC] keyword argument _exception_ [DOC] mark up literals Revert r57690 except for read_nonblock git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// b2dd03c8-39d4-4d8f-98ff-823fe69b080e
Diffstat (limited to 'test/openssl/test_pkey_dh.rb')
1 files changed, 11 insertions, 28 deletions
diff --git a/test/openssl/test_pkey_dh.rb b/test/openssl/test_pkey_dh.rb
index 470c952e21..77cdb0ab84 100644
--- a/test/openssl/test_pkey_dh.rb
+++ b/test/openssl/test_pkey_dh.rb
@@ -1,29 +1,11 @@
# frozen_string_literal: false
require_relative 'utils'
-if defined?(OpenSSL::TestUtils)
+if defined?(OpenSSL) && defined?(OpenSSL::PKey::DH)
class OpenSSL::TestPKeyDH < OpenSSL::PKeyTestCase
- DH1024 = OpenSSL::TestUtils::TEST_KEY_DH1024
- def test_DEFAULT_parameters
- list = {
- 1024 => OpenSSL::PKey::DH::DEFAULT_1024,
- 2048 => OpenSSL::PKey::DH::DEFAULT_2048,
- }
- list.each do |expected_size, dh|
- assert_equal expected_size, dh.p.num_bits
- assert_predicate dh.p, :prime?
- result, remainder = (dh.p - 1) / 2
- assert_predicate result, :prime?
- assert_equal 0, remainder
- assert_no_key dh
- end
- end
def test_new
dh =
@@ -37,12 +19,13 @@ class OpenSSL::TestPKeyDH < OpenSSL::PKeyTestCase
def test_DHparams
+ dh1024 = Fixtures.pkey_dh("dh1024")
asn1 = OpenSSL::ASN1::Sequence([
- OpenSSL::ASN1::Integer(DH1024.p),
- OpenSSL::ASN1::Integer(DH1024.g)
+ OpenSSL::ASN1::Integer(dh1024.p),
+ OpenSSL::ASN1::Integer(dh1024.g)
key =
- assert_same_dh dup_public(DH1024), key
+ assert_same_dh dup_public(dh1024), key
pem = <<~EOF
@@ -52,14 +35,14 @@ class OpenSSL::TestPKeyDH < OpenSSL::PKeyTestCase
key =
- assert_same_dh dup_public(DH1024), key
+ assert_same_dh dup_public(dh1024), key
- assert_equal asn1.to_der, DH1024.to_der
- assert_equal pem, DH1024.export
+ assert_equal asn1.to_der, dh1024.to_der
+ assert_equal pem, dh1024.export
def test_public_key
- dh = OpenSSL::TestUtils::TEST_KEY_DH1024
+ dh = Fixtures.pkey_dh("dh1024")
public_key = dh.public_key
assert_no_key(public_key) #implies public_key.public? is false!
assert_equal(dh.to_der, public_key.to_der)
@@ -67,14 +50,14 @@ class OpenSSL::TestPKeyDH < OpenSSL::PKeyTestCase
def test_generate_key
- dh = OpenSSL::TestUtils::TEST_KEY_DH1024.public_key # creates a copy
+ dh = Fixtures.pkey_dh("dh1024").public_key # creates a copy
def test_key_exchange
- dh = OpenSSL::TestUtils::TEST_KEY_DH1024
+ dh = Fixtures.pkey_dh("dh1024")
dh2 = dh.public_key