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Avoid assert failure when NULL EC is expected
After 5680c38c75aeb5cbd219aafa8eb48c315f287d97, postponed job APIs now expect to be called on native threads not managed by Ruby and handles getting a NULL execution context. However, in debug builds the change runs into an assertion failure with GET_EC() which asserts that EC is non-NULL. Avoid the assertion failure by passing `false` for `expect_ec` instead as the intention is to handle when there is no EC. Add a test from John Crepezzi and John Hawthorn to exercise this situation. See GH-4108 See GH-5094 [Bug #17573] Co-authored-by: John Hawthorn <> Co-authored-by: John Crepezzi <>
Notes: Merged: Merged-By: XrXr
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diff --git a/test/-ext-/postponed_job/test_postponed_job.rb b/test/-ext-/postponed_job/test_postponed_job.rb
index 7dc28776d0..fee0172d11 100644
--- a/test/-ext-/postponed_job/test_postponed_job.rb
+++ b/test/-ext-/postponed_job/test_postponed_job.rb
@@ -25,4 +25,11 @@ class TestPostponed_job < Test::Unit::TestCase
Bug.postponed_job_register_one(ary = [])
assert_equal [1], ary
+ if Bug.respond_to?(:postponed_job_register_in_c_thread)
+ def test_register_in_c_thread
+ assert Bug.postponed_job_register_in_c_thread(ary = [])
+ assert_equal [1], ary
+ end
+ end