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committerAlan Wu <>2021-10-20 18:19:43 -0400
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Show +YJIT in version string and RUBY_DESCRIPTION
There might be code out there that expect `ruby -v` to print only one line. Since MJIT shows +JIT in `ruby -v` and RUBY_DESCRIPTION, let's show +YJIT. The crash report doesn't show anything about MJIT, so adjust the test. The "test_ruby_version" test was unaware of RUBY_YJIT_ENABLE and so was failing when the variable is set and inherited into the children processes it spawns. Explicitly unset the variable in the test.
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diff --git a/test/-ext-/bug_reporter/test_bug_reporter.rb b/test/-ext-/bug_reporter/test_bug_reporter.rb
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--- a/test/-ext-/bug_reporter/test_bug_reporter.rb
+++ b/test/-ext-/bug_reporter/test_bug_reporter.rb
@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ class TestBugReporter < Test::Unit::TestCase
description = RUBY_DESCRIPTION
description = description.sub(/\+JIT /, '') if defined?(RubyVM::JIT) && RubyVM::JIT.enabled?
+ description = description.sub(/\+YJIT /, '') if defined?(YJIT.enabled?) && YJIT.enabled?
expected_stderr = [