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Manage AST NODEs out of GC
NODEs in AST are no longer objects managed by GC. This change will remove the restriction imposed by the GC. For example, a NODE can use more than five words (this is my primary purpose; we want to store the position data for each NODE, for coverage library), or even a NODE can have variable length (some kinds of NODEs have unused fields). To do this, however, we need more work, since Ripper still uses T_NODE objects managed by the GC. The life time of NODEs is more obvious than other kinds of objects; they are created at parsing, and they become disused immediately after compilation. This change releases all NODEs by a few `xfree`s after compilation, so performance will be improved a bit. In extreme example, `eval("x=1;" * 10000000)` runs much faster (40 sec. -> 7.8 sec. on my machine). The most important part of this change is `ast_t` struct, which has three contents: (1) NODE buffer (malloc'ed memory), (2) a reference to the root NODE, and (3) an array that contains objects that must be marked during parsing (such as literal objects). Some functions that had received `NODE*` arguments, must now receive `ast_t*`. * node.c, node.h: defines `ast_t` struct and related operations. * gc.c, internal.h: defines `imemo_ast`. * parse.y: makes `parser_params` struct have a reference to `ast_t`. Instead of `rb_node_newnode`, use `rb_ast_newnode` to create a NODE. * iseq.c, load.c, ruby.c, template/prelude.c.tmpl: modifies some functions to handle `ast_t*` instead of `NODE*`. * test/ruby/test_gc.rb: ad-hoc fix for a failed test. The test assumes GC eden is increased at startup by NODE object creation. However, this change now create no NODE object, so GC eden is not necessarily increased. git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// b2dd03c8-39d4-4d8f-98ff-823fe69b080e
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diff --git a/template/prelude.c.tmpl b/template/prelude.c.tmpl
index 873146f..b791c14 100644
--- a/template/prelude.c.tmpl
+++ b/template/prelude.c.tmpl
@@ -121,10 +121,14 @@ prelude_eval(VALUE code, VALUE name, int line)
FALSE, /* int debug_frozen_string_literal; */
- NODE *node = rb_parser_compile_string_path(rb_parser_new(), name, code, line);
- if (!node) rb_exc_raise(rb_errinfo());
- rb_iseq_eval(rb_iseq_new_with_opt(node, name, name, Qnil, INT2FIX(line),
+ ast_t *ast = rb_parser_compile_string_path(rb_parser_new(), name, code, line);
+ if (!ast->root) {
+ rb_ast_dispose(ast);
+ rb_exc_raise(rb_errinfo());
+ }
+ rb_iseq_eval(rb_iseq_new_with_opt(ast->root, name, name, Qnil, INT2FIX(line),
NULL, ISEQ_TYPE_TOP, &optimization));
+ rb_ast_dispose(ast);
% end