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committerYusuke Endoh <>2019-12-23 09:02:49 +0900
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Revert "Fixed misspellings"
This reverts commit f85e8d2a8b2a37740334db4fd92ef820f05ddbc5. It violated the limit of width (> 80) and caused the test failure
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diff --git a/ruby.c b/ruby.c
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--- a/ruby.c
+++ b/ruby.c
@@ -306,7 +306,7 @@ usage(const char *name, int help)
static const struct message mjit_options[] = {
M("--jit-warnings", "", "Enable printing JIT warnings"),
M("--jit-debug", "", "Enable JIT debugging (very slow), or add cflags if specified"),
- M("--jit-wait", "", "Wait until JIT compilation is finished every time (for testing)"),
+ M("--jit-wait", "", "Wait until JIT compilation is finished everytime (for testing)"),
M("--jit-save-temps", "", "Save JIT temporary files in $TMP or /tmp (for testing)"),
M("--jit-verbose=num", "", "Print JIT logs of level num or less to stderr (default: 0)"),
M("--jit-max-cache=num", "", "Max number of methods to be JIT-ed in a cache (default: 100)"),