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authorYusuke Endoh <>2020-05-02 21:34:10 +0900
committerYusuke Endoh <>2020-05-02 21:34:10 +0900
commit91e4e2403e950d06eb49840bdb11409321002847 (patch)
tree16ab8af0fc4c398dd7f9a27d056cd181d796c8a7 /ruby.c
parentbb2ca762375d89a9c48abb14c4f79d68f2b49a5a (diff)
internal/process.h: add a no-warning simple wrapper for fork(2)
As fork(2) is deprecated, its calls must be guarded by `COMPILER_WARNING_IGNORED(-Wdeprecated-declarations)`. All usages of fork(2) in process have been alread guarded. A new call to fork(2) was added in ruby.c with f22c4ff359498ab342e4b6d6feb21af6004ee270. This caused a build failure on Solaris 11. It may hide a bug to guard big code unnecessarily, so this change introduces a simple wrapper "rb_fork" whose definition is guarded, and replaces all calls to fork(2) with the wrapper function.
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/ruby.c b/ruby.c
index 405891f..f2577f5 100644
--- a/ruby.c
+++ b/ruby.c
@@ -56,6 +56,7 @@
#include "internal/missing.h"
#include "internal/object.h"
#include "internal/parse.h"
+#include "internal/process.h"
#include "internal/variable.h"
#include "mjit.h"
#include "ruby/encoding.h"
@@ -1635,7 +1636,7 @@ process_options(int argc, char **argv, ruby_cmdline_options_t *opt)
int fds[2];
if (rb_pipe(fds) == 0) {
- rb_pid_t pid = fork();
+ rb_pid_t pid = rb_fork();
if (pid > 0) {
/* exec PAGER with reading from child */
dup2(fds[0], 0);