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author卜部昌平 <>2019-11-13 12:41:39 +0900
committer卜部昌平 <>2019-11-14 20:35:48 +0900
commitc9ffe751d126a302d0e7e53e645e44084e339dde (patch)
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parent4d615a0c8f4759ce4f6b96b643ef957837bdf20e (diff)
delete unused functions
Looking at the list of symbols inside of libruby-static.a, I found hundreds of functions that are defined, but used from nowhere. There can be reasons for each of them (e.g. some functions are specific to some platform, some are useful when debugging, etc). However it seems the functions deleted here exist for no reason. This changeset reduces the size of ruby binary from 26,671,456 bytes to 26,592,864 bytes on my machine.
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diff --git a/node.h b/node.h
index 79fa29d56b..84f7464e6e 100644
--- a/node.h
+++ b/node.h
@@ -414,22 +414,15 @@ void rb_ast_delete_node(rb_ast_t*, NODE *n);
VALUE rb_parser_new(void);
VALUE rb_parser_end_seen_p(VALUE);
VALUE rb_parser_encoding(VALUE);
-VALUE rb_parser_get_yydebug(VALUE);
VALUE rb_parser_set_yydebug(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE rb_parser_dump_tree(const NODE *node, int comment);
void rb_parser_set_options(VALUE, int, int, int, int);
-rb_ast_t *rb_parser_compile_cstr(VALUE, const char*, const char*, int, int);
rb_ast_t *rb_parser_compile_string(VALUE, const char*, VALUE, int);
-rb_ast_t *rb_parser_compile_file(VALUE, const char*, VALUE, int);
rb_ast_t *rb_parser_compile_string_path(VALUE vparser, VALUE fname, VALUE src, int line);
rb_ast_t *rb_parser_compile_file_path(VALUE vparser, VALUE fname, VALUE input, int line);
rb_ast_t *rb_parser_compile_generic(VALUE vparser, VALUE (*lex_gets)(VALUE, int), VALUE fname, VALUE input, int line);
-rb_ast_t *rb_compile_cstr(const char*, const char*, int, int);
-rb_ast_t *rb_compile_string(const char*, VALUE, int);
-rb_ast_t *rb_compile_file(const char*, VALUE, int);
void rb_node_init(NODE *n, enum node_type type, VALUE a0, VALUE a1, VALUE a2);
const char *ruby_node_name(int node);