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authorAaron Patterson <>2019-09-05 11:04:43 -0700
committerAaron Patterson <>2019-09-05 11:04:43 -0700
commit8f096226e1b76f95f4d853d3dea2bc75eeeb5244 (patch)
tree74860932a1cc5ab53e959b9d29e1d6c4c8848f28 /node.h
parent8cd845aa5b69e49c1092a482f8c14f85f899e038 (diff)
Stash tmpbuffer inside internal structs
I guess those AST node were actually used for something, so we'd better not touch them. Instead this commit just puts the tmpbuffer inside a different internal struct so that we can mark them.
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diff --git a/node.h b/node.h
index 4e78b0fff3..220438e182 100644
--- a/node.h
+++ b/node.h
@@ -452,12 +452,14 @@ struct rb_args_info {
NODE *opt_args;
int no_kwarg;
+ VALUE imemo;
struct rb_ary_pattern_info {
NODE *pre_args;
NODE *rest_arg;
NODE *post_args;
+ VALUE imemo;
struct parser_params;