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authorTakashi Kokubun <>2019-08-30 13:03:36 (GMT)
committerTakashi Kokubun <>2019-08-30 13:03:37 (GMT)
commit8c7f4e8f8b7f9e74195ea0eb51f39014fec342c0 (patch)
tree6d010e91ca6a6eff036090f69742b04cb6fdb562 /mjit_worker.c
parentc45dd4d4826704471cf9ff2c7869065236dd174e (diff)
Try dropping DLDFLAGS from compile_c_to_o
I think this did not work for some environments, but this seems to fix OpenBSD RubyCI failure: Let me check RubyCI impact by this.
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/mjit_worker.c b/mjit_worker.c
index 499f8cf..7bdc3c4 100644
--- a/mjit_worker.c
+++ b/mjit_worker.c
@@ -792,7 +792,7 @@ compile_c_to_o(const char *c_file, const char *o_file)
"-c", NULL
- char **args = form_args(4, cc_common_args, CC_CODEFLAG_ARGS, files, CC_DLDFLAGS_ARGS);
+ char **args = form_args(3, cc_common_args, CC_CODEFLAG_ARGS, files);
if (args == NULL)
return false;