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Note a situation around xmalloc vs free in MJIT [ci skip]
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@@ -10,6 +10,19 @@
// call Ruby methods (C functions that may call rb_funcall) or trigger
// GC (using ZALLOC, xmalloc, xfree, etc.) in this file.
+/* However, note that calling `free` for resources `xmalloc`-ed in mjit.c,
+ which is currently done in some places, is sometimes problematic in the
+ following situations:
+ * malloc library could be different between interpreter and extensions
+ on Windows (perhaps not applicable to MJIT because CC is the same)
+ * xmalloc -> free leaks extra space used for USE_GC_MALLOC_OBJ_INFO_DETAILS
+ (not enabled by default)
+ short, it's usually not a problem in MJIT. But maybe it's worth
+ fixing for consistency or for USE_GC_MALLOC_OBJ_INFO_DETAILS support.
/* We utilize widely used C compilers (GCC and LLVM Clang) to
implement MJIT. We feed them a C code generated from ISEQ. The
industrial C compilers are slower than regular JIT engines.