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@@ -191,12 +191,13 @@ The standard directory containing system wide rake files on Win 32 systems.
.Xr ruby 1
.Xr make 1
Bugs, features requests and other issues can be logged at
+.Aq Pa .
-You will need an account to before you can post issues. Register at <\fB\fR>.
+You will need an account to before you can post issues. Register at
+.Aq Pa .
Or you can send an email to the author.
.Nm Rake
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@@ -124,7 +124,7 @@ Libraries called "builtin libraries" and "standard libraries" are bundled with R
And you can obtain more libraries via the package management system called `RubyGems'.
Moreover there are thousands of Ruby projects on GitHub
-.Pf <\fB\fR> Ns .
+.Aq Pa .
@@ -513,4 +513,6 @@ via the system because it publishes the vulnerabilities immediately.
Ruby is designed and implemented by
.An Yukihiro Matsumoto Aq .
-See <\fB\fR> for contributors to Ruby.
+.Aq Pa
+for contributors to Ruby.