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load.c: match comment with variable (`e' => `ext') [ci skip]
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diff --git a/load.c b/load.c
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--- a/load.c
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@@ -215,8 +215,8 @@ features_index_add_single(VALUE short_feature, VALUE offset)
/* Add to the loaded-features index all the required entries for
`feature`, located at `offset` in $LOADED_FEATURES. We add an
index entry at each string `short_feature` for which
- feature == "#{prefix}#{short_feature}#{e}"
- where `e` is empty or matches %r{^\.[^./]*$}, and `prefix` is empty
+ feature == "#{prefix}#{short_feature}#{ext}"
+ where `ext` is empty or matches %r{^\.[^./]*$}, and `prefix` is empty
or ends in '/'. This maintains the invariant that `rb_feature_p()`
relies on for its fast lookup.