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diff --git a/lib/rubygems/commands/unpack_command.rb b/lib/rubygems/commands/unpack_command.rb
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--- a/lib/rubygems/commands/unpack_command.rb
+++ b/lib/rubygems/commands/unpack_command.rb
@@ -34,24 +34,6 @@ class Gem::Commands::UnpackCommand < Gem::Command
"--version '#{Gem::Requirement.default}'"
- def description
- <<-EOF
-The unpack command allows you to examine the contents of a gem or modify
-them to help diagnose a bug.
-You can add the contents of the unpacked gem to the load path using the
-RUBYLIB environment variable or -I:
- $ gem unpack my_gem
- Unpacked gem: '.../my_gem-1.0'
- [edit my_gem-1.0/lib/my_gem.rb]
- $ ruby -Imy_gem-1.0/lib -S other_program
-You can repackage an unpacked gem using the build command. See the build
-command help for an example.
- end
def usage # :nodoc:
"#{program_name} GEMNAME"