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Optimize Marshal dump/load for large (> 31-bit) FIXNUM (#6229)HEADmaster
* Optimize Marshal dump of large fixnum Marshal's FIXNUM type only supports 31-bit fixnums, so on 64-bit platforms the 63-bit fixnums need to be represented in Marshal's BIGNUM. Previously this was done by converting to a bugnum and serializing the bignum object. This commit avoids allocating the intermediate bignum object, instead outputting the T_FIXNUM directly to a Marshal bignum. This maintains the same representation as the previous implementation, including not using LINKs for these large fixnums (an artifact of the previous implementation always allocating a new BIGNUM). This commit also avoids unnecessary st_lookups on immediate values, which we know will not be in that table. * Fastpath for loading FIXNUM from Marshal bignum * Run update-deps
Notes: Merged-By: jhawthorn <>
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