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@@ -46,6 +46,10 @@ Some examples of 'gem' usage.
* Update all gems on your system:
gem update
+* Update your local version of RubyGems
+ gem update --system
@@ -55,8 +59,9 @@ your current platform by running `gem environment`.
RubyGems matches platforms as follows:
- * The CPU must match exactly, unless one of the platforms has
- "universal" as the CPU.
+ * The CPU must match exactly unless one of the platforms has
+ "universal" as the CPU or the local CPU starts with "arm" and the gem's
+ CPU is exactly "arm" (for gems that support generic ARM architecture).
* The OS must match exactly.
* The versions must match exactly unless one of the versions is nil.
@@ -66,11 +71,20 @@ you pass must match "#{cpu}-#{os}" or "#{cpu}-#{os}-#{version}". On mswin
platforms, the version is the compiler version, not the OS version. (Ruby
compiled with VC6 uses "60" as the compiler version, VC8 uses "80".)
+For the ARM architecture, gems with a platform of "arm-linux" should run on a
+reasonable set of ARM CPUs and not depend on instructions present on a limited
+subset of the architecture. For example, the binary should run on platforms
+armv5, armv6hf, armv6l, armv7, etc. If you use the "arm-linux" platform
+please test your gem on a variety of ARM hardware before release to ensure it
+functions correctly.
Example platforms:
x86-freebsd # Any FreeBSD version on an x86 CPU
universal-darwin-8 # Darwin 8 only gems that run on any CPU
x86-mswin32-80 # Windows gems compiled with VC8
+ armv7-linux # Gem complied for an ARMv7 CPU running linux
+ arm-linux # Gem compiled for any ARM CPU running linux
When building platform gems, set the platform in the gem specification to
Gem::Platform::CURRENT. This will correctly mark the gem with your ruby's
@@ -119,7 +133,7 @@ platform.
if command then
- "[No command found for #{cmd_name}, bug?]"
+ "[No command found for #{cmd_name}]"
summary = wrap(summary, summary_width).split "\n"