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authorHiroshi SHIBATA <>2020-04-23 19:16:06 +0900
committerGitHub <>2020-04-23 19:16:06 +0900
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treed179fbf295790b083035ddaf454f1db4b4982986 /lib/rdoc/store.rb
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Support XDG_* (#2174)
* Support XDG_CONFIG_HOME for gemrc. * Support XDG_DATA_HOME for .gem * Added test for XDG_DATA_HOME * Do not reuse environmental variable. * Unify .rdoc path to RDoc.home. * Support XDG_DATA_HOME for .rdoc * Ignore exists? * Extracted config_home path * Use XDG_CONFIG_HOME for default credential path * Fixed inconsistency location. * Fixed the broken tests. * Support XDG_CONFIG_HOME for irbrc * Introduce Gem.cache_home as XDG_CACHE_HOME * Use Gem.cache_home instead of Gem.config_home for the credential file of RubyGems. * Initialized the old configurations * Fixed test failure related the configuration initialization * restore XDG_DATA_HOME * Fixed the broken examples of bundler with XDG_* * Do not modify environmental variable on test file * Use XDG_DATA_HOME insted of XDG_CACHE_HOME for credential file * stub out Gem.data_home * Move dir accessor to defaults.rb file * Use XDG_DATA_HOME for signed gem features * Use XDG_DATA_HOME for spec cache * Do not rely on Gem.user_home * Gem.user_home is always exists. Don't need to use FileUitls.mkdir_p * Bump support version to RubyGems 3.2.0+ * Removed the needless fallback configuration * Fixed the inconsistency methods that are find_config_file and config_file * Use Gem.configuration.credentials_path instead of hard-coded path * gem_path is always provided * Removed the duplicated code of find_home * Also removed the duplicated code of user_home * use Gem::UNTAINT instead of untaint for surpressing the warnings * Use * Restore XDG_DATA_HOME * Use File.write
Notes: Merged-By: hsbt <>
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diff --git a/lib/rdoc/store.rb b/lib/rdoc/store.rb
index 0f6cd06e3c..05d8383c86 100644
--- a/lib/rdoc/store.rb
+++ b/lib/rdoc/store.rb
@@ -482,7 +482,7 @@ class RDoc::Store
when :gem then
parent = File.expand_path '..', @path
"gem #{File.basename parent}"
- when :home then '~/.rdoc'
+ when :home then RDoc.home
when :site then 'ruby site'
when :system then 'ruby core'
else @path