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@@ -2,12 +2,12 @@ English.rb lets Perl'ish global variables have English names
Env.rb loads importenv.rb
README this file
base64.rb encodes/decodes base64 (obsolete)
-cgi-lib.rb simple CGI support library
+cgi-lib.rb simple CGI support library (old style)
cgi.rb CGI support library
cgi/session CGI session class
complex.rb complex number suppor
date.rb date object
-date2.rb date object (compatible)
+date2.rb date object (obsolete; use date)
debug.rb ruby debugger
delegate.rb delegates messages to other object
e2mmap.rb exception utilities
@@ -15,11 +15,11 @@ eregex.rb extended regular expression (just a proof of concept)
final.rb adds finalizer to the object (simple)
finalize.rb adds finalizer to the object
find.rb traverses directory tree
-forwardable.rb delegation support module
+forwardable.rb explicit delegation library
ftools.rb file tools
ftplib.rb obsolete - use net/ftp
getoptlong.rb GNU getoptlong compatible
-getopts.rb parses command line options
+getopts.rb parses command line options (use getoptlong)
importenv.rb imports environment variables as global variables
irb.rb interactive ruby
jcode.rb Japanese text handling (replace String methods)
@@ -29,7 +29,13 @@ matrix.rb matrix calculation library
mkmf.rb Makefile maker
monitor.rb exclusive region monitor for thread
mutex_m.rb mutex mixin
-net/* net libraries
+net/ftp.rb ftp access
+net/http.rb HTTP access
+net/imap.rb IMAP4 access
+net/pop.rb POP3 access
+net/protocol.rb abstract class for net library
+net/smtp.rb SMTP access
+net/telnet.rb telnet library
observer.rb observer desing pattern library (provides Observable)
open3.rb opens subprocess connection stdin/stdout/stderr
ostruct.rb python style object