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io.c: fix typo and phrase [ci skip]
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@@ -9310,7 +9310,7 @@ rb_io_advise(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE io)
* So, the remote side of SSL sends a partial record,
* <code></code> notifies readability but
* <code>OpenSSL::SSL::SSLSocket</code> cannot decrypt a byte and
- * <code>OpenSSL::SSL::SSLSocket#readpartial</code> will blocks.
+ * <code>OpenSSL::SSL::SSLSocket#readpartial</code> will block.
* Also, the remote side can request SSL renegotiation which forces
* the local SSL engine to write some data.
@@ -9333,7 +9333,7 @@ rb_io_advise(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE io)
* However it is not the best way to use <code></code>.
* The writability notified by select(2) doesn't show
- * how many bytes writable.
+ * how many bytes are writable.
* <code>IO#write</code> method blocks until given whole string is written.
* So, <code>IO#write(two or more bytes)</code> can block after writability is notified by <code></code>.
* <code>IO#write_nonblock</code> is required to avoid the blocking.