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other minior internal header tweaks
These headers need no rewrite. Just add some minor tweaks, like addition of #include lines. Mainly cosmetic. TIMET_MAX_PLUS_ONE was deleted because the macro was used from only one place (directly write expression there).
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diff --git a/internal/io.h b/internal/io.h
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--- a/internal/io.h
+++ b/internal/io.h
@@ -9,14 +9,14 @@
* modify this file, provided that the conditions mentioned in the
* file COPYING are met. Consult the file for details.
+#include "ruby/ruby.h" /* for VALUE */
+#include "ruby/io.h" /* for rb_io_t */
/* io.c */
void ruby_set_inplace_mode(const char *);
void rb_stdio_set_default_encoding(void);
VALUE rb_io_flush_raw(VALUE, int);
-#ifdef RUBY_IO_H
size_t rb_io_memsize(const rb_io_t *);
int rb_stderr_tty_p(void);
void rb_io_fptr_finalize_internal(void *ptr);
#define rb_io_fptr_finalize rb_io_fptr_finalize_internal