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add #include guard hack
According to MSVC manual (*1), cl.exe can skip including a header file when that: - contains #pragma once, or - starts with #ifndef, or - starts with #if ! defined. GCC has a similar trick (*2), but it acts more stricter (e. g. there must be _no tokens_ outside of #ifndef...#endif). Sun C lacked #pragma once for a looong time. Oracle Developer Studio 12.5 finally implemented it, but we cannot assume such recent version. This changeset modifies header files so that each of them include strictly one #ifndef...#endif. I believe this is the most portable way to trigger compiler optimizations. [Bug #16770] *1: *2:
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diff --git a/include/ruby/backward/cxxanyargs.hpp b/include/ruby/backward/cxxanyargs.hpp
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--- a/include/ruby/backward/cxxanyargs.hpp
+++ b/include/ruby/backward/cxxanyargs.hpp
@@ -1,4 +1,5 @@
-/// \noop-*-C++-*-vi:ft=cpp
+#ifndef RUBY_BACKWARD_CXXANYARGS_HPP //-*-C++-*-vi:ft=cpp
/// @file
/// @author \@shyouhei
/// @copyright This file is a part of the programming language Ruby.
@@ -9,8 +10,6 @@
/// meant to be a backwards compatibility shim. Please stick to
/// C++ 98 and never use newer features, like `constexpr`.
/// @brief Provides old prototypes for C++ programs.
#include "ruby/3/config.h"
#include "ruby/3/intern/class.h"
#include "ruby/3/intern/cont.h"