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authorKoichi Sasada <>2020-01-08 08:20:36 +0900
committerKoichi Sasada <>2020-02-22 09:58:59 +0900
commitf2286925f08406bc857f7b03ad6779a5d61443ae (patch)
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parenta1eb1fabef1bca0696449cd358d93f5a644d5914 (diff)
VALUE size packed callinfo (ci).
Now, rb_call_info contains how to call the method with tuple of (mid, orig_argc, flags, kwarg). Most of cases, kwarg == NULL and mid+argc+flags only requires 64bits. So this patch packed rb_call_info to VALUE (1 word) on such cases. If we can not represent it in VALUE, then use imemo_callinfo which contains conventional callinfo (rb_callinfo, renamed from rb_call_info). iseq->body->ci_kw_size is removed because all of callinfo is VALUE size (packed ci or a pointer to imemo_callinfo). To access ci information, we need to use these functions: vm_ci_mid(ci), _flag(ci), _argc(ci), _kwarg(ci). struct rb_call_info_kw_arg is renamed to rb_callinfo_kwarg. rb_funcallv_with_cc() and rb_method_basic_definition_p_with_cc() is temporary removed because cd->ci should be marked.
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diff --git a/ext/objspace/objspace.c b/ext/objspace/objspace.c
index 6d5f6c073a..38d3d2fcff 100644
--- a/ext/objspace/objspace.c
+++ b/ext/objspace/objspace.c
@@ -637,6 +637,7 @@ count_imemo_objects(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self)
imemo_type_ids[8] = rb_intern("imemo_tmpbuf");
imemo_type_ids[9] = rb_intern("imemo_ast");
imemo_type_ids[10] = rb_intern("imemo_parser_strterm");
+ imemo_type_ids[11] = rb_intern("imemo_callinfo");
rb_objspace_each_objects(count_imemo_objects_i, (void *)hash);