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Update documentation to document it yields a single argument [ci skip]
For a regular block, accepting two arguments is fine as the array will be autosplatted. However, a lambda that accepts two arguments will not work. We could change the implementation to yield two arguments instead of an array with a single argument, but that would be less backwards compatible. I'm only changing the call-seq to be precise, other examples pass a literal block that accepts two arguments, and I left those alone as that will be the most common usage. Fixes [Bug #17094]
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diff --git a/ext/pty/pty.c b/ext/pty/pty.c
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--- a/ext/pty/pty.c
+++ b/ext/pty/pty.c
@@ -464,11 +464,11 @@ pty_close_pty(VALUE assoc)
* call-seq:
* => [master_io, slave_file]
- * {|master_io, slave_file| ... } => block value
+ * {|(master_io, slave_file)| ... } => block value
* Allocates a pty (pseudo-terminal).
- * In the block form, yields two arguments <tt>master_io, slave_file</tt>
+ * In the block form, yields an array of two elements (<tt>master_io, slave_file</tt>)
* and the value of the block is returned from +open+.
* The IO and File are both closed after the block completes if they haven't