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authorKazuki Yamaguchi <>2020-03-09 15:23:32 +0900
committerKazuki Yamaguchi <>2020-03-10 17:41:01 +0900
commit28f3e038805a4f396f228c6884c531677c075867 (patch)
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parentaa3a7d6d74f1beb4feaf6a2334b67ecf6ca00cc8 (diff)
digest: do not depend on ext/openssl/deprecation.rb
ext/openssl/deprecation.rb has been removed in ext/openssl upstream[1]. It was originally introduced to detect and prevent linking against Apple's bundled (and very outdated) version of OpenSSL. It is long gone and the header files do not exist in current versions of macOS. The dependency in ext/digest was introduced by commit 26e258c807c2. Note that the original issue[2] is resolved without this dependency. The commit also added the pkg_config("openss") call to match what ext/openssl does. [1] [2]
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diff --git a/ext/digest/digest_conf.rb b/ext/digest/digest_conf.rb
index 915b61877f..1af401a06b 100644
--- a/ext/digest/digest_conf.rb
+++ b/ext/digest/digest_conf.rb
@@ -65,13 +65,12 @@ def digest_conf(name, hdr = name, funcs = nil, types = nil)
- require File.expand_path('../../openssl/deprecation', __FILE__)
if find_openssl_library
funcs ||= name.upcase
funcs = Array(funcs)
types ||= funcs
hdr = "openssl/#{hdr}.h"
- if funcs.all? {|func| OpenSSL.check_func("#{func}_Transform", hdr)} &&
+ if funcs.all? {|func| have_func("#{func}_Transform", hdr)} &&
types.all? {|type| have_type("#{type}_CTX", hdr)}
$defs << "-D#{name.upcase}_USE_OPENSSL"
$headers << "#{name}ossl.h"