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-README this file
-multi-tk.rb multiple Tk interpreter (included safe-Tk) support
-remotei-tk.rb control remote Tk interpreter on the other process support
-tk.rb Tk interface
-tk/ library files construct Ruby/Tk
-tkextlib/ non-standard Tcl/Tk extension support libraries
-*** The followings exists for backward compatibility only.
-*** The only thing which they work is that requires current
-*** library files ( tk/*.rb ).
-tkafter.rb handles Tcl after
-tkbgerror.rb Tk error module
-tkcanvas.rb Tk canvas interface
-tkclass.rb provides generic names for Tk classes
-tkconsole.rb console command support
-tkdialog.rb Tk dialog class
-tkentry.rb Tk entry class
-tkfont.rb Tk font support
-tkmacpkg.rb Mac resource support
-tkmenubar.rb TK menubar utility
-tkmngfocus.rb focus manager
-tkpalette.rb palette support
-tkscrollbox.rb scroll box, also example of compound widget
-tktext.rb text classes
-tkvirtevent.rb virtual event support
-tkwinpkg.rb Win DDE and registry support