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tk.rb :
* small bug fix * rename 'no_create' option to 'without_creating' * add TkWindow#pack_in, TkWindow#grid_in, TkWindow#place_in * add TkWindow#bind_class and TkWindow#database_class If defined specific_class (@db_class), bind_class returns @db_class. In other case, bind_class returns TkWinow#class(). It is useful for binding. TkWindow#database_class is defined for querying the option database. It's same to TkWinfo.classname(self). * add TkBindTag.new_by_name and TkDatabaseClass for binding to database class * check varname whether already exsist or not. ( * TkTextWin#bbox returns an array of four numbers * autoload TkDialog2, TkWarning2 * scan event callback arguments and convert to proper type * accepts a block ({callback} ) * If given taglist, TkWindow#bindtags(taglist) returns taglist * add TkWindow#bindtags=(taglist) * Tk.focue and Tk.focus_lastfor return nil if there is no target widget. * Tk::Wm.client returns the argument string when setting name * TkGrid.columnconfiginfo and rowconfiginfo given a slot return a number. * TkWindow.grid_columnconfiginfo and grid_rowconfiginfo :: ditto * rename and define alias :: TkOption ==> TkOptionDB * define alias :: TkTimer ==> TkAfter * some instance methods change from public to private * some TkComm methods change to module functions (help to treat return values from Tk) * add support for -displayof option to some TkWinfo methods * bind, bind_append and bind_remove :: returns the target of event-binding * add Tk8.4 features * add TkPaneWindow tkdialog.rb: * classes without showing at initialize : TkDialog2, TkWarning2 * add show method to reuse TkDialog object * some instance methods change from public to private * add new features for configuration tktext.rb : * small bug fix * some methods return self * add TkTextMark#+(mod) and TkTextMark#-(mod) (e.g. mark + '3 chars') * add some methods tkcanvas.rb : * small bug fix * some methods return self tkentry.rb : * some methods return self * TkEntry#bbox returns an array of four numbers * scan validatecommand arguments and convert to proper type tkbgerror.rb : * support to define a error handler by user tcltklib.rb : * reported by Ferenc Engard <> on [ruby-talk:60759] ... and so on git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// b2dd03c8-39d4-4d8f-98ff-823fe69b080e
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diff --git a/ext/tcltklib/lib/tcltk.rb b/ext/tcltklib/lib/tcltk.rb
index 54a00e8f3c..b7d0f11bec 100644
--- a/ext/tcltklib/lib/tcltk.rb
+++ b/ext/tcltklib/lib/tcltk.rb
@@ -93,9 +93,11 @@ class TclTkInterpreter
# ruby_fmt command format arguments by `format' and call `ruby' command
# (notice ruby command receives only one argument)
- @ip._eval("proc ruby_fmt {fmt args} { puts \"ruby_fmt: $fmt $args\" ; ruby [format $fmt $args] }")
+ @ip._eval("proc ruby_fmt {fmt args} { puts \"ruby_fmt: $fmt
+$args\" ; set cmd [list ruby [format $fmt $args]] ; uplevel $cmd }")
- @ip._eval("proc ruby_fmt {fmt args} { ruby [format $fmt $args] }")
+ @ip._eval("proc ruby_fmt {fmt args} { set cmd [list ruby [format
+$fmt $args]] ; uplevel $cmd }")
# @ip._get_eval_string(*args): generate string to evaluate in tcl interpreter