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@@ -35,7 +35,19 @@ When your Tcl/Tk libraries are compiled with "pthread support",
Ruby/Tk may cause "Hang-up" or "Segmentation Fault" frequently.
If you have such a trouble, please try to use the '--enable-pthread'
option of the 'configure' command and re-compile Ruby sources.
-It may help you to avoid this trouble.
+It may help you to avoid this trouble. The following configure
+options may be useful.
+ --enable-tcl-thread/--disable-tcl-thread
+ --with-tclConfig-file=<path of ''>
+It is not need that '' is a normal Tcl/Tk's
+But the file is expected to include the line "TCL_THREADS=0" or "...=1".
+When no "TCL_THREADS=?" line, if Tcl version is 7.x or 8.0 which is
+given by "TCL_MAJOR_VERSION=?" line and "TCL_MINOR_VERSION=?" line,
+then --disable-tcl-thread is expected. Else, ignore the ''.
+If --enable-tcl-thread or --disable-tcl-thread option is given, then
+--with-tclConfig-file option is ignored.
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